Cleaning Food And Beverage Industry With Kalamazoo Dry Ice Blasting

Cleaning The Food And Beverage Industry With Kalamazoo Dry Ice Blasting

In the Kalamazoo food industry, any operation managers number one priority is the cleanliness of their food processing facility. Removing leftover contaminants from production equipment is essential practice for avoiding bacteria growth and guaranteeing high quality products. With the strict regulations in place concerning sanitation, dry ice blasting Kalamazoo Michigan is the #1 solutions for cleaning.

The traditional method of regular Industrial cleaning services utilizing cleaners can only remove so much of the contaminant. Most importantly, this method is not very efficient or effective, very time consuming, and costly. However, hiring the best Michigan dry ice blasting company will provide a method of cleaning these processing surfaces that is extremely effective, quick, cost effective, environment and plant friendly, and FDA, USDA, and EPA approved.

Ice blasting Services Kalamazoo is a highly efficient method of cleaning contaminated surfaces. This method uses pelletized pieces of dry ice and uses high pressure air to accelerate the dry ice pellets into the surface being cleaned. Upon impact, the dry ice freezes the contaminants, eliminating their adhesive qualities, and removes the pollutants, leaving no secondary waste and little clean up.

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Benefits of Kalamazoo Dry Ice Blasting Companies

Using dry ice blasting services Kalamazoo to clean food processing surfaces has many benefits. One prominent benefit is the fact that there is no need to fully disassemble the processing equipment. The surfaces can even be cleaned while still hot and in place. This immediately makes the process faster and more efficient. Another benefit from this process is the absence of water, a notorious enemy of food processing plants. In addition, water in a food processing plant can promote certain bacterial growth such as mold, E. coli, and Salmonella. When the equipment is dry ice blasted, no water is introduced to the crucial packaging or processing equipment. Dry ice blasting also eliminates the need to introduce any harsh chemicals that can be found in scrubbing cleaners.

In Conclusion Kalamazoo Dry Ice Blasting The Food & Beverage Industry

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