Tank Cleaning Services Michigan

Expert Tank Cleaning Services

If you have tanks at your facility storing product or residual waste or other waste liquids, then you need to periodically clean those tanks to maintain tank capacity and regulatory standards. Strength H2O Industrial Solutions is well-known for our ability to handle various types of industrial residual waste and offering experienced tank cleaning services.

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions Our services include:

  • Water-tank cleaning
  • Chemical-tank cleaning
  • Cargo-tank cleaning
  • Fuel tank pumping and cleaning


Frac Tank Cleaning & Lining

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions also provides frac-tank cleaning. Strength H2O Industrial Solutions is recognized within the industry by frac tank rental companies for our cleanings that meets their standards, the first time. Using Strength H2O Industrial Solutions to clean your frac tank ensures it will be returned in the condition required by the rental company.


We can perform all tank cleaning services including frac tanks, oil tanks, water tanks, chemical tanks, oil water separators and pit cleanings

Expert Services You Can Rely On

We’ve performed over 250 tank cleanings a year for every different need including capacity loss, change of product, API inspection, maintenance, repairs and more.


Strength H2O Industrial Solutions has mastered the tank cleaning process to clean every tank as required, perfectly!


Our team of tank cleaning experts are able to clean tanks better and quicker than any other company in the United States!


Do You Need Tank Car Cleaning Services?

Tank and Reactor Cleaning Michigan

Michigan tank and Batch Reactor cleaning for commercial plants and manufacturing is one of our essential industrial services. We have the powerful vacuum trucks, pumps and hydro-blasting technology for flushing and scouring a tank containing a solid or liquid. We have years of petroleum and chemical industry experience removing flammable residue, working in gaseous situations, and purging sludge, fouling and deposits.


Strength H2O has proven to be the top industrial companies Michigan. Our operators and technicians consistently prove they make safety a priority while delivering quality, efficient tank cleaning – zero injuries in five years! That's because our crews boast an average of five years of experience, with training and certification in hydroblasting and vacuum truck and pump operation. The supervisor we send to oversee your project has passed 30+ hours of OSHA training. Our firm has earned a top EMR rating from the insurance industry. We are committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations governing workplace and client safety. We back up our crews with an investment in the latest technology and equipment for safe, top shelf Michigan tank cleaning.

One-Soure Solution For All Your Industrial Cleaning Needs

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions is a family owned and operated industrial cleaning company providing all facility services to any size business. With Over 20 years’ experience in high pressure water blasting paint booths, shutdowns, ice blasting, and over cleaning your business has a piece of mind knowing your in the hands of a true professional. Our team of industrial cleaning experts have maintained a perfect safety rating while never not completing a project on time. From small jobs and labor support to huge projects, strength H2O industrial solutions can do it all. Schedule your free quote today and allows us to prove why we are truly the best industrial solutions company in the United States.

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