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Best Automotive Industrial Cleaning Services

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions provides a full range of automotive industrial cleaning services and solutions to improve quality and productivity on a routine scheduled basis or whenever needed.  Ranging from deep cleaning to paint booth management, we provide the labor support and mobile industrial cleaning equipment to successfully increase production and reduce downtime.

The Automotive manufacturing processes create build-up and debris causing defective products. Having preventative maintenance is critical to the quality of the product being produced. For most automotive manufacturing facilities, plant shutdowns only happen a few times a year and cleaning during that time is essential. Our paint booth division is one of the only single source paint booth management companies in the entire industrial cleaning industry.

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions has the best shutdown track record, we have completed the most difficult shutdowns in the United States. During the shutdown maintenance cleaning, our team utilizes experience, technology and strategy to ensure your project gets completed correctly. We efficiently and effectively restore your equipment, tools, industrial ovens, and tanks to like new condition.

Automotive Industrial Cleaning Services We Provide

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Shutdown Services
  • Hydro Blasting (10K-40K PSI)
  • Dry & Wet Vacuum Services
  • Production Support
  • Coatings Removal
  • Paint Booth Set-Up & Cleaning
  • Blast Booth Design & Operation
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Air & Paint Waste Filters
  • RTO Cleaning
  • Chemical & Sludge Management
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