Michigan Dry Food Production Line Cleaning

Dry Food Production Line Cleaning Michigan

When you are in charge of a Michigan food production line, cleanliness is essential to the success of your company. Without proper sanitation, the quality of your food products will degrade, and you risk losing customers. In addition, Michigan food production facilities are required to pass inspections and meet food safety requirements. Efficient cleaning of Michigan food processing equipment reduces the chance for food contamination. Several Michigan businesses have found it greatly beneficial to hire a third-party company to complete this cleaning as they have the time and resources to do the job properly. At Strength H2O Industrial Solutions, we specializes in dry food production line cleaning Michigan!

Benefits of Thorough Michigan Dry Food Production Line Cleaning

Every day your facility produces 1000s of food items and your machinery that operates your assembly line is working hard. While doing so the machinery is most likely picking up food residue as well as floating dust particles in the air. In addition, if you employees in contact with the machinery operating it, they could be exposing your facility to harmful microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria. But scheduled regular cleaning of your equipment and of the entire facility, including floors, walls, and work surfaces will ensure all harmful particles are removed. A thorough Michigan industrial cleaning by a professional cleaner will also:


  • Minimize cross-contamination
  • Increase machinery life
  • Provide an expectation of acceptable cleaning standards
  • Reduce the risk of distributing contaminated food products

Hire a Professional Michigan Cleaning Company

At Strength H2O Industrial Solutions, we specialize in Michigan food sanitation procedures and Michigan industrial cleaning services of dry food production lines as well as Michigan meat and poultry production lines. These two types of production facilities require far different cleaning strategies. Michigan meat and poultry lines require cleaning with water and special solutions to eliminate protein and fat residue, dry food lines require the removal of dry food particles. Since the food is dry and flaky, these particles are typically best removed with one of 2 solutions, Michigan food processing equipment dry ice blast cleaning, or compressed air. Strength has been the leading Michigan dry ice blasting company for over decade, we are equipped with all of the right tools to thoroughly clean your machinery and get it up to food safety standards. 


Everyday the Michigan food industry deals with the challenge of maintaining hygiene standards and cleanliness on their food manufacturing equipment. Eliminating leftover, food, grease, and other contaminants from production equipment is a essential practice for avoiding the growth of bacteria and guaranteeing safe, quality products. In addition, with strict regulations surrounding sanitation in the food industry, certain procedures have to be taken to ensure that the food processing equipment is kept uncontaminated.


Older traditional cleaning methods included using harsh cleaners and a lengthy cleaning process trying to remove as much contaminant as possible. In addition, this cleaning solution is not effective or efficient and time consuming, and costly. But Michigan dry ice blasting of these processing surfaces is extremely effective, less time consuming, cost-effective, environmentally friendly that is approved by FDA, USDA, and EPA.


Michigan Dry Ice cleaning for food processing and packaging equipment is a great non-abrasive cleaning solution to get rid of grease, wax, proteins, seasonings, crumbs, glue that allows equipment to function at the OEM standard. Strength H2O Industrial Solutions can effectively remove salmonella, e. Coli and listeria from process machinery.

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