Chemical Cleaning Services Michigan

Michigan Chemical Cleaning Services

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions provides an extensive range of chemical cleaning and treatment services to industrial manufacturers throughout Michigan and all of the United States. Our Michigan chemical cleaning technicians utilize the most advanced technologies to ensure safety, attain the highest levels of cleanliness and reduce overall cleaning times.


Strength H2O Industrial Solutions uses proprietary, remotely controlled equipment to apply chemical solutions, eliminate confined space entry and minimize hazard exposure.


Our dedicated Michigan chemical cleaning team will work with you to develop a customized solution to:

  • Maximize efficiencies through eliminating major disassembly often required for mechanical cleaning
  • Remove foulants, deposits, scale and other contaminates that can reduce efficiencies, heat transfer and production capacity
  • Establish safe and efficient methods to control costs
  • Implement procedures to ensure minimized waste generation.

Professional Chemical Cleaning Services Michigan

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions has depended on our extensive experience and industry best practices to design, professionally engineer, and execute Michigan chemical clean services on some of the industry’s most difficult projects. Strength H2O Industrial Solutions utilizes a full array of highly specialized Michigan chemical cleaning equipment designed, and continuously improved upon, by our in staff of highly trained Michigan chemical cleaning professionals. In addition, safety, and environmental impact weigh heavily into the design of our equipment and offers our customers the lowest risk chemical cleaning solutions available. 


Chemical cleaning is a complex process requiring extensive amounts of engineering input to develop highly detailed and thorough procedures necessary to execute the cleaning service safely and effectively. Most importantly, having the experience, trained personnel and highly specialized equipment is essential to properly completing a Michigan chemical cleaning service. Strength H2O takes pride in providing the best ice blasting services Michigan, hydroblasting, and chemical cleaning services in the entire state!

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