Decommissioning Services

Professional Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning services are needed when preparing a facility for disposition. Commonly it’s for reuse but in some cases it's for demolition, Strength H2O Industrial Solutions can complete both types. Completing a well-executed decommissioning requires a great working relationship with the clients to assure the safe disposition of materials withing budget and on time.

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions has constructed a team of the industry’s best personnel that area highly experienced and safety oriented. Selecting us on your next Decommissioning project will not only save your company money but reduce the amount of stress involved. Because of vast experience, we’ve set new improved standards that make the process of decommissioning time efficient as well as cost effective.

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Decommissioning Services Created For Your Company's Needs

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions supplies a  professional,  well managed and highly innovative approach to decommissioning services. Our Facility Decommissioning Services include:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Steel Mills
  • Pulp Mills
  • Paper Mills


Safe Decommissioning You Can Count On

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions firmly believes that the safety of our employees is critical no matter what the project we are working on. We have an accident free workspace and mantain a indutry leading safety program. Also, our experts are proud to consistently rank at the top of the safest companies in the industrial cleaning industry.

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