Combustible Dust And High Surface Cleaning Michigan

Combustible Dust And High Surface Cleaning Michigan

In Michigan manufacturing and production facilities, combustible dust is a major problem. In addition to causing damage to the facilities machinery, it is a major fire and explosion hazard. It is important to invest in regular facility cleaning to prevent accumulation. However, while dust on and near the ground is easy to maintain, dust and debris on and near the ceiling is much more difficult to clean. Many business owners/manager must turn to high ceiling cleaning Michigan processes. 

Dangers of Michigan Combustible Dust

The meaning of Michigan “combustible dust” is a mixture or substance that is in the form of finely divided solid particles that, upon ignition, is liable to catch fire or explode when dispersed in air. Also, It is commonly produced as a byproduct of manufacturing and production processes, with the individual particles varying in shape, size, and composition depending on the process of manufacturing that created them.

The Ignition process relies on three elements: oxygen, heat, and fuel. This element can be contained to some extent by removing any open flames or potential for sparks to be created. In addition, It is also very important to make certain machinery is clean and not getting overly hot while it is running. Removing the risk for an ignition source is difficult since it can originate from many different sources. But, by removing the fuel source (combustible dust) Michigan high ceiling cleaning services can prevent fires and explosion from occurring.

Proper Michigan combustible dust cleaning is one of the most efficient ways to prevent a dust explosion from occurring. By removing the fuel source(dust) from the dust explosion pentagon, it essentially removes the risk of an explosion, and also removes the possibility for a facility fire. The NFPA combustible dust standards outline the most efficient ways for cleaning this dust, which should be done by trained and certified expert.

Dust Explosion Pentagon.

The three elements of a fire are required for it to burn. Those elements are: fuel, oxygen, and heat (ignition). This is known as the “Fire Triangle.” But, for a combustible dust explosion, there are two additional elements that are needed to form what is known as the “Dust Explosion Pentagon.” The two additional elements are confinement and dispersion.

A combustible dust explosion is created when the dust (fuel) is spread out as a dust cloud within a closed area, such as a factory or warehouse. Taking away even one of these elements can remove the risk of a dust explosion. However, be mindful that the risk for a fire can still be present.

Even though not all factors of the combustible dust pentagon can be completely eliminated, combustible dust and its dispersion can be controlled with effective dust collection systems, strict observance of OSHA standards, and regular cleaning by certified and trained Michigan industrial cleaning professionals.

Benefits of High Surface Cleaning Michigan

Almost all manufacturing and production facilities have adequate daily cleaning processes for surfaces at the general ground level. But, it is harder to see and clean the accumulation of dust on surfaces like the rafters, duct work, top of machinery, piping, and conduit. High surface cleaning Michigan target these specific areas, guaranteeing they are free from accumulated dust and debris.

In addition to reducing the risk of fire and explosion by minimizing combustible dust accumulation, high surface cleaning also provides a cleaner and brighter work environment. The larger the amount of combustible dust in a facility, the higher the risk of fire or explosion. Michigan manufacturing or production facilities that maintain a regular cleaning schedule to minimize the build up of dust can significantly reduce the chances of fires or explosions. Michigan combustible dust often accumulates in the most difficult to reach areas which makes it nearly impossible for facility staff to keep the material in check.

Michigan Combustible Dust Cleaning

Combustible dust poses a significant risk to a wide variety of Michigan facilities. By having regular cleaning program in place, facility managers can minimize the hazards associated with dust accumulations. If you need combustible dust and/or high surface cleaning Michigan services, turn to the experts at Strength H2O Industrial Solutions.

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions has highly trained experts that are experienced in providing Michigan combustible dust and high surface cleaning for manufacturing and production facilities throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Schedule a free no-obligation quote today!