Commonly Ask Questions About Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Michigan

Commonly Ask Questions About Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Michigan

Is Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Michigan Safe To Be Performed Indoors?

Absolutely! Dry ice blast cleaning Michigan is a safe and effective cleaning procedure typically utilized industrial, commercial, and some residential settings such as mold remediation Michigan, fire restoration Michigan.

Dry ice pellets are non-toxic, non-abrasive media which sublimates into a harmless CO2 gas which proceeds to dissipate into the atmosphere.  Simply stated dry ice evaporates as it reaches the temperature of the room it is being used in.  In addition, concentrations of CO2 made during the dry ice sublimation process is barely anything and d0es not require full face masks.  Also, special precautions are not needed, making ice blasting Michigan one of the best cleaning solutions on the market today.

When dry ice blast cleaning Michigan is properly completed it is completely safe for the cleaning personnel and staff of the facility it is being used at. Most importantly, because of the transient nature of the dry ice pellets there is little to no danger to any surrounding structures during the cleaning process.

Where Does The Oil, Dirt, And Grease Go During Cleaning Process?

Most dirt and dry debris will fall to the floor where it can be swept or vacuumed up for proper disposal.  The process does not depend on harsh chemicals or dangerous cleaners to remove the dirt.  The dry ice blasting procedure takes care of even the most difficult, stuck-on dirt quickly and easily.

Extremely wet and oil drenched areas are normally mopped up before you start ice blasting. In addition, greasy areas can be treated beforehand with dry, absorbent materials to allow for even easier cleaning.  But typically, almost all oils and greases are directed towards a specific area where they can be absorbed by various cleaning techniques after everything has been cleaned.

What Happens to All The Debris And Dirt Afterwards?

All remnant debris can be easily disposed of on-site or contained and disposed of off-site, depending on your facility’s specific regulations. In many instances it can be disposed of either on-site or off site, depending on type of material.

What Are the Requirements for a Michigan Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Team to Work Efficiently?  

The ice blasting procedure requires a supply of high-power compressed air. For this specific reason, most professional Michigan ice blasting companies will select to provide their own compressed air supply. In addition, air temperatures above 140 degrees F will cause damage to the internal components of the dry ice blasting machine. Normally, compressed air services build up moisture from condensation within the operating system. 

What Are the Advantages of Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Michigan?

  • No Grit, No Water, & No Chemicals!
  • Non-Conducive & Safe Around Electrical Connections
  • Dramatically Reduces Downtime & Reduces Lost Production
  • Minimal Disassembly & Eco Friendly
  • Saves Time, Labor, Materials, & MONEY!
  • Completely Eliminates Secondary Waste
  • No Etching or Damaging of Sensitive Machinery

In Conclusion

Reduce your overall cleaning time and get back to production sooner with dry ice blasting. Strength H2O Industrial Solutions is the #1 rated dry ice blasting company in Michigan. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote!