Coronavirus-Protecting Your Employees And Livelihood

Coronavirus-Protecting Your Employees And Livelihood

The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions with the Coronavirus sweeping across the United States. It’s hard especially for employers to decide to shut down their business, but when will it safe to return to work? Business owners must shift into overdrive Protecting Your Employees And Livelihood.

Protecting Your Business During A Widespread Coronavirus Outbreak

Your company is your livelihood and how you take care of your family, protecting is during a coronavirus outbreak means to prepare your business for the absolute worst and keeping your employees feeling secure and well informed. After all, this coronavirus outbreak is affecting all part of our economy.

To Keep Your Business on Track During The Coronavirus Outbreak, We Recommend These 4 Tips.

Make a plan of action, remember keeping your employees and company safe is your main priority. Therefore, as coronavirus infects more and more people, your staff feels good knowing that you’re looking out for their best interest, and that when it’s over their going to have a career to return to. This includes creating an emergency preparedness plan that includes the actions your taking to protect staff, the emergency contacts for different emergency situations, what to do if infection happens at your business, and include how your protecting their careers. In addition, after you have it completed its imperative that your staff knows and understands it. During this time even if you’re a panicked, you have to stay cool as an ice cube, so your staff feels confident in your abilities to lead them.

Creating A Work From Home Procedure For All Possible Roles

If your business does not have a work from home procedure, there is no better time than now to create one. Also, More employers are offering remote work opportunities and employees are enjoying it. In fact, 37% of employees would change jobs for one that offers remote work. 57% of employers with remote staff do not have a policy in place. Failing to provide employees with specific work-from-home (WFH) guidelines is problematic and can cause confusion.

Before you put a plan into action, clearly outline your expectations for every employee. Include your work-from-home policy prominently within your employee handbook, and make sure every team member understands individual as well as team responsibilities.

Keep Your Management & Employees Informed During Coronavirus Outbreak

It’s critical for your company to establish clear lines of communications with their employees, as well as clients and third-party entities. Typically, it can be broken down into 2 key components. An internal communication plan & external communication plan. The communication plans look something like this:

Create an internal communication plan: Your process for reaching your staff through combinations of emails, intranet postings, flyers/ posters, leader talking points, FAQs or a website page for employees only. In addition, it should include a reliable process and the vehicles for providing continual updates and collecting feedback from employees.

Create an external communication plan: Your process for reaching external customers, media, shareholders, suppliers, local community, and anyone else needed to be contacted by your company.

Evaluation Your Company’s Cleaning Procedures And When It’s Appropriate To Get Help

There’s No perfect cleaning protocol But combining cleaning with other a little common knowledge judgement can go alone way. Most importantly, during an outbreak like this your business should consider having a Coronavirus cleaning company come in and deep cleaning your business to reduce the chance of exposure. A company that specializes in this will be able to complete your facility quickly and give you a piece of mind.

You can use this time also to create a new and improved cleaning plan. Also, Keeping your workplace clean and providing employees with a piece of mind know your taking it serious and care about their wellbeing.