Exploring Some Industries That Often Utilize Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Companies Near Me

Exploring Some Industries That Often Utilize Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Companies Near Me

Michigan CO2 blasting is proven to be among the most effective solution for cleaning bacteria from food manufacturing equipment and being able to remove residue from plastic molds. Dry ice blast cleaning has many spectacular benefits and is arguably the best and most efficient environmentally sustainable cleaning solution for many types of Michigan production facilities and factories. What is more, dry ice cleaning services are readily available and are not limited to particular factory types but can be applied in just about all industries. As it continues to gain popularity, dry ice blasting services in Michigan have risen for the 5th straight year with a record number of facility managers searching for Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Companies Near Me.

Most commonly known as dry ice blasting, Michigan CO2 blasting is an ecofriendly timey saving cleaning metohd that place in just about every industrial sector to meet cleaning and safety standards. Some of these Michigan industrial companies include chemical, food and beverage companies, foundry, power generation, and several other company tpyes. Many of these companies are unable to utilize sandblasting or water blasting for their cleaning needs. That’s where dry ice blasting Michigan shines bright like a diamond.

What Is Michigan Dry Ice Blasting?

Michigan Dry ice blasting use dry ice pellets to remove the dirt from the surface being cleaned. The dry ice pellets are blasted at very high velocity from a nozzle to clean up dirty surfaces. Due to the low temperature and speed of the dry ice pellets, the dirt coating experiences thermal shock, causing it to shrink and become brittle. Finally,, it then cracks almost instantaneously. The velocity causes the coating to shatter and the dirt is carried away by the evaporating dry ice, which vaporizes quickly after contact.

Advantages of Michigan Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting has a great many benefits over other industrial cleaning methods. When you use this method, you’ll obtain a squeaky-clean finish with reduced downtime. Here are some advantages of dry ice blasting for factory cleaning.

It Is Affordable: Michigan Factory owners invest a ton of money to safely dispose of the secondary waste that is produced when using other cleaning methods. Dry ice produces no additional waste and meets all environmental regulations. Michigan CO2 blasting also dramatically reduces the overall cost of Michigan factory cleaning.

It Is Efficient: The old traditional cleaning method normally requires the disassembling or shutting down of equipment for thorough cleaning and preventing any type of machine damage. Choosing Michigan dry ice blasting saves time and reduces the downtime associated with old traditional factory cleaning, which boosts overall productivity.

It Is Safer And Sustainable: If your facilities staff are healthy, productivity tends to remain elevated. In addition, not using chemical cleaners in dry ice blasting cleaning makes it safe for your workers to be around.  Dry ice blasting is environmentally sustainable cleaning since it uses chemically inert CO2. Also, the whole process is completely free of toxicity and the absence of cleaners eliminates the need for any washdown or dumping in the environment. Making it one of the prime reasons business owners are searching Michigan dry ice blasting companies near me.

Michigan Industries That Utilized Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Automotive Manufacturing

The Michigan automotive industry also uses Michigan dry ice blasting in certain applications. They hire experts like Strength H2O Industrial Solutions to remove grease and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces. Michigan CO2 blasting is one of the most efficient methods to remove grease, oil, and other vehicular fluids from counters and equipment itself. Also, many tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 suppliers utilize dry ice blast cleaning services at their facilities to clean as well.

Facility Work

Facility work encompasses a number of industries and manufacturing processes. This setting often requires the cleaning power of Michigan CO2 blasting because it’s non-abrasive, fast, safe, and extremely effective. CO2 blasting removes particulates without compromising productivity. It’s often used in factory settings such as power plants, textile plants, foundries, printing and packaging plants, plastics manufacturing, steam generators, and more.

In Conclusion On Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Companies Near Me

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions is an industry leader and specializes in Michigan dry ice blasting cleaning services. Unlike pressure washing, high pressure hydro blasting, and chemical cleaning, ice blasting uses no toxic solvent and is nonabrasive. Also, with other cleaning methods, the cleaning agent becomes a contaminant and must be disposed of as a toxic waste. blast cleaning services allow facility managers to safely clean a wide range of production equipment without disassembly or a producing fire/electrical hazards. Dry ice blasting is especially useful with complex production equipment. The Strength H2O professionals can provide a high quality dry ice cleaning without the need for breaking down the assembly line, which saves both time and money.