Five Significant Facility Managers Switch Detroit Industrial Cleaning Companies

Five Significant Facility Managers Switch Detroit Industrial Cleaning Companies

It seems that many Detroit companies never deliver what they promise the customer when signing them up for services. That is one of the major reasons as to why most Production Facility Managers Switch Detroit Industrial Cleaning Companies, most switch to Strength H2O Industrial Solutions Below are some of the most common reasons we encounter.

No Communication With Customer

Most Detroit industrial cleaning companies face various complex situation in the process of service delivery, esp. since most contracts are at least a year.  However, proper communication can easily be used to address changes that arise with the client. For example, if a customer raises a concern or complaint about the quality of industrial cleaning services Detroit MI in one of their facilities, the cleaning company should respond as soon as possible, typically within 6-12 hours. Failure to do so will create a bad image for the cleaning company hence giving the client a good reason to start sourcing for a different service provider.

Properly Trained And Professional Personnel

Detroit industrial cleaning services involves more than just keeping the facility cleaning. It is a wide spectrum that involves having the correct knowledge and training to correctly complete their part of the project. How can you achieve that? Through a proper training and hiring procedure. Most customers love to work with professionals in every area including cleaning. You can’t hire people without any knowledge about cleaning to provide professional Detroit Industrial cleaning services. Besides, they also need to have courtesy and understand how to relate with people at work. In addition, lack of professionalism is the number one reason why most customers switch cleaning companies. You have to invest in the professionalism and training of your staff, it is import to stop customers for searching for other Detroit Industrial Cleaning Companies.

Poor Customer Service

This is also among the major reason’s clients switch Detroit industrial cleaning companies. The way you treat your clients will determine whether your contract will be renewed or not. This is one of the main reason Strength H2O Industrial Solutions provides customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

No Adhering To Facility Security Protocols

Many clients value the security of their premises more than anything. If your Detroit personnel are always being reminded about shutting doors and switching off alarms, then that is a good reason for the client to terminate your contract immediately. It is incredibly important for any company to put each employee through a vigorous training process.

Not Having Quality Control Procedures In Place

Most cleaning companies deliver quality services for the first few months before that quality starts to fade away. It is true that maintaining quality every day might not be realistic. However, the provision of quality services should be a priority for every cleaning company. It is something that you should strive to achieve on a daily basis.