High Dusting Commercial Cleaning Services Sterling Heights MI

High Dusting Commercial Cleaning Services Sterling Heights MI

A well maintained and clean, functional workspace strengthens facility production, creates a healthier workplace, and complies with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Michigan High dusting is the process of cleaning difficult to reach areas and removing dust build up and hidden grime. The main reason that this process is referred to as “high dusting” is that the areas that are being cleaned normally over 16 feet high and typically 25+. High Dusting Commercial Cleaning Services Sterling Heights MI are essential to many manufacturing facilities in Michigan.

From the tops of facility HVAC ducts to exposed structural beams, the upper areas of your Sterling Heights Michigan facility that are not typically cleaned will over time become saturated with unwanted dust and can even be unsafe. At Strength H2O Industrial Solutions our high dusting commercial cleaning services Sterling Heights MI includes removing dust and debris that has accumulated on all the hard-to-reach areas.  

Most facility owners/manager never spend much time up in the rafters, you don’t notice the build of dust and debris until it starts falling down into your production areas and affecting your quality standards. In addition, in food manufacturing plants this can result in a failed inspection by the FDA or USDA. Also, in manufacturing, warehousing, and commercial settings, can become a safety, health, or fire hazard and result in failed inspections by OSHA.

High Rafters Ceiling Cleaning Services

Dirt, dust, and harmful debris that accumulates in the ceilings and high places in your Sterling Heights Michigan facility can be nearly impossible to get to and clean without utilizing special equipment. Strength H2O provides safe and effective commercial high dusting services Sterling Heights MI regardless of the ceiling or rafter height. In addition, our highly skilled and trained cleaning crews are experts at Michigan high ceiling cleaning for commercial facilities and other spaces with high ceilings and exposed piping.

Advantages of High Dusting Commercial Cleaning Services Sterling Heights MI

There are several advantages to getting your ceiling and hard to reach areas in your facility cleaned regularly by experts:

  • Compliance with OSHA standards of housekeeping
  • Improves The Look of Your Business
  • Cost Far Less Than Paying For Fire Damage & OSHA Fines
  • Ceilings can be Restored to Practically new condition 
  • Quick and safe operation and can be done outside of regular business hours

OSHA Standards

Strength H2O provides high elevation cleaning in compliance with all OSHA standards. Michigan Combustible dust is a proven danger for any industry with enclosed workspaces. OSHA fines can start in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for facilities found out of compliance with their regulations. Fines can reach and exceed 7 digits for larger facilities with poor dust control procedures.

As Always Safety First

When it comes to Michigan high dusting, safety must be a top priority in order to minimize risk of an accident. Also, high elevation cleaning requires specialist staff with state of the art equipment, given the difficulty it presents in terms of accessibility. Our team of experts use man lifts to afe cleaning regardless of the ceiling or rafter height. Most importantly, all our staff utilize all safety equipment available, such as hard hats, full-body harness, steel toe boots, and safety glasses. We work around your schedule, including non-business hours to avoid disruptions and protect the areas below from falling dust and debris.  

Don’t Take Risk With The Rest, Hire The Best-Strength H2O Industrial Solutions

We have proven track record of success and experience in industrial cleaning services Sterling Heights MI, and provide a level of customer service that can not be matched in our industry. In addition, we have never missed a project deadline or failed on project. Contact Strength H2O today for a free no-obligation consultation.