Important Reasons To Have Your Michigan Facilities Rafters Cleaned

Important Reasons To Have Your Michigan Facilities Rafters Cleaned

Why You Should Have Your Michigan Facilities Rafters Cleaned

Dust particles and debris falling from the ceiling and rafters are a huge issue for many Michigan businesses. Also, dust is created from the manufacturing process within most facilities; everything from making plastic bottles to aluminum tires creates industrial dust. In food and beverage manufacturing plants, built up dust and grime on high ceiling surfaces can result in a failed inspection by the FDA or USDA. In addition, in manufacturing, warehousing, and commercial settings, it can become a safety, health, or fire hazard and result in failed inspections by OSHA.  Below we have a few reasons why it is so important to have your Michigan facilities rafters cleaned.

Dirt, dust, and grime can collect on high surfaces in other types of facilities as well, including car dealerships, gymnasiums, churches, schools, event venues, medical facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, and the like. When looking up from below, your Michigan facility’s rafters and high-ceiling may appear clean to the naked eye, but once our cleaning technicians are up there, we find that most high-surfaces are typically quite filthy. 

At Strength H2O, our industrial cleaning services in Michigan include removing dust and debris on hard-to-reach areas, including rafters, ceilings, ceiling trusses, lighting fixtures, the exterior of ductwork, beams, high storage racks & shelving, ceiling decks, piping exteriors, and other structural components.

Things To Consider

There are many reasons why you should have your Michigan facility routinely cleaned by a professional Michigan industrial cleaning company that specializes in high-cleaning and dusting, such as:

  • Collected dust is a potential fire hazard. Many secondary explosions in industrial facilities have been caused by an explosive dust cloud forming when dust particles are knocked down from rafters and high-ceilings. According to the National Fire Protection Association,  just 1/32 inch of dust over 5% of a surface area of a room can create combustible hazards. Rafters, ceilings, and other high surfaces typically add up to more than 5% of the surface area of a room. Numerous explosions have occurred when dust build-up became combustible, making it extremely important to have your Michigan facilities rafters cleaned.
  • Air movement and vibrations in a facility can shake loose dust build-up, which can fall down to production areas below and lead to quality control issues, or even damage sensitive machinery.
  • Visible dust can also make your Michigan business look dingy and dirty, which is unappealing to not only your employees but your customers.
  • Accumulated dust can become a breeding ground for mites, bacteria, mold, viruses, and even insects and rodents. Within just 1 gram of rafter dust, there can be anywhere from 100 and 500 dust mites. Mites and mold can cause allergic reactions in some individuals and bacteria and viruses spreading through the building can make your employees sick.
  • Rafter and ceiling debris can enter the ventilation, clogging up the HVAC system. It can create poor indoor air quality, which according to the EPA is a leading environmental threat and cause of airborne sickness.
  • OSHA can and does give violations and expensive fines for having unsafe levels of dust accumulation on surfaces, ceilings, and rafters. Strength has responded several times to customers that need their Michigan facilities rafters cleaned after receiving a ticket.

Why You Should Hire Strength To Clean Your Michigan Facilities Rafters

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions specializes in industrial cleaning projects for facilities of all types, with a emphasis on safety. In addition, Michigan High ceiling cleaning requires a team of seasoned experts with state of the art equipment and proper training. Most importantly, our team of Michigan industrial cleaning technicians are all OSHA-trained and will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Strength H2O has over 25 years of experience in the Michigan industrial cleaning industry and we will continue to develop and keep pace with all industry advancements. In addition, we have successfully completed over 245+ shutdowns and have never failed or missed a project deadline. We genuinely care about our customers and take pride in giving our best to our community. Our goal is always the same and that is to act with integrity at all times and to maintain our position as the #1 rated Industrial cleaning company in Michigan!