Is Grand Rapids Dry Ice Blasting Right For Your Facility Cleaning Process?

Is Grand Rapids Dry Ice Blasting Right For Your Facility Cleaning Process?

Your Michigan industrial facility can only operate correctly if all of your equipment is functioning properly and your employees are staying safe. The best way to ensure both of these things is to invest in proper industrial cleaning services in Grand Rapids MI for your business. Keep in mind that cleaning industrial equipment is typically not a simple task.  Several Grand Rapids facilities deal with chemicals and materials that require a lot of effort to eliminate after the cleaning takes place. Sometimes you need to rely on some extreme methods to keep your machinery clean and operational. Is Grand Rapids Dry Ice Blasting Right For Your Facility Cleaning Process!

What Exactly Is Dry Ice Blasting?

Grand Rapids Dry ice blasting is a unique industrial cleaning method that uses specialized equipment to mix dry ice pellets with compressed air. The compressed air accelerates the dry ice pellets through a blast hose. The pellets exit a blast nozzle near supersonic speeds and impact the surface. Upon impact, the dry ice converts to a gas (sublimation) and the rapid gas expansion of CO2 facilitates the removal of the surface contamination.

3 Parts of The Dry Ice Blasting Process

Kinetic Energy

Dry ice is softer and less dense than common blast media. During the Grand Rapids dry ice blast cleaning process, the blast equipment accelerates the pellets close to supersonic speeds. Upon impact, the pellets sublime almost instantaneously and transfer a small amount of energy to the residue or surface. This phenomenon reduces abrasion to the substrate.

Thermal Shock

As the Grand Rapids dry ice blasting pellets impact the surface and sublime, heat is absorbed from the surface residue. The rapid heat transfer from the top layer of the residue creates temperature gradients within the micro layers of the residue. As a result, micro cracks and fractures form within the residue due to high shear stress. This effect reduces the adhesion of the residue to the surface.

Thermal-Kinetic Effect

Upon sublimation, the carbon dioxide gas expands to a volume nearly 800 times the volume of the original pellet. The rapid gas expansion helps lift and remove the residue from the substrate.

Is Grand Rapids Dry Ice Blasting Right for Your Business?

Dry ice blasting provides a powerful Grand Rapids industrial cleaning method that will keep your equipment operational and safe for use for years to come. Deciding whether or not it is the rights method for your facility depends on the type of equipment you use, and what it is used for. If you are looking for a cleaner, less destructive solution, go with dry ice. The best part is that in almost all instances, it can clean your equipment in place with no cooling down period.

In Conclusion

This decision will also depend on the industrial cleaning services you hire if you outsource your provider. Different companies use different cleaning methods, after all. At Strength H2O Industrial Solutions, we will make sure your facility gets properly cleaned regardless of the method, our team offers a wide variety of solutions!