Questions About Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Services

Is Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Able To Be Performed Indoors?

Yes. Dry ice blast cleaning is a completely safe and effective cleaning process commonly used in many different types of situations. Some of the most common situations are industrial, commercial and even certain residential environments.

Dry ice blasting cleaning is a non-abrasive, non-toxic, which sublimates into a harmless gas which then evaporates into the atmosphere.  Dry ice blasting disappears as it reaches room temperature, leaving no residue. When properly performed, dry ice blasting is safe for most any employee that undergoes simple training and wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

During Dry Ice Blast Cleaning What Happens to the Grease, Oil, Dirt Removed?

When Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning most dirt and dry debris will fall to the floor where it can be swept or vacuumed up. Also, the dry ice blast cleaning process doesn’t use any chemicals or toxic cleaning solutions. The dry ice blasting process is able to remove many types of grime easily.

Wet and oily areas are mopped up before the dry ice blast cleaning begins. In addition, greasy areas can be treated beforehand making an easier cleaning.  Most importantly, all the oils and grease are pushed into a specific area where they can be cleaned up easily.

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Afterwards, What Happens to All The Dirt and Debris?

All dry ice blasting debris can be disposed of on the job site or contained and disposed of off-site, in compliance with the customers wishes. Any materials removed by dry ice blasting that need to be contained and removed is a simple process Strength H2O Industrial Solutions deals with often.

For a Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Crew to Operate Effectively, What Are the Requirements?

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions is a professional dry ice blasting contractor, we provide all own equipment. Additionally, our team of dry ice blasting experts operate like a well oiled machine, we leave no mess and try our best not to disturb your business.

Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Services

Many companies that considering having dry ice blasting use for their cleaning process are concerned with the effect the thermal shock will have on the parent metal. Also, many studies have shown that the temperature decrease occurs on the surface only, so there is no chance of thermal stress occurring in the surface being cleaned. Above all, unlike many other cleaning processes, dry ice blasting requires less downtime, make far less mess, and is often the best option for many different types of industrial cleaning applications. Commonly cleaned areas by dry ice blasting are:

  • Automotive
  • Contract Cleaning
  • Food & Beverage
  • Plastics & Composites
  • Adhesive Removal
  • General Equipment Cleaning
  • Mold Cleaning
  • Surface Preparation
  • Mold Redemption

Benefits of Using Strength H2O Industrial Solutions Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Services

  • No Water, Grit, or Chemicals
  • Non-Conducive (safe around electrical connections)
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Cleaning With Minimal Disassembly
  • Ecologically Friendly
  • Saves Money, Time, Labor, and Materials
  • No Exposure To Corrosive Solvents
  • Eliminates Secondary Waste
  • Cleans Without Damaging Surfaces
  • NO damage To Sensitive Machinery

In Conclusion

Reduce cleaning down time and get production running sooner with dry ice blast cleaning services by Strength H2O Industrial Solutions. Finally, our personnel are the best in the industry and maintain a perfect safety record! Contact us today for your free no-obligation quote!