Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Near Me

Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Near Me

Dry ice has several industrial and commercial uses. Dry ice is versatile in its uses, but how does it work and how is it created? The following will aid you understanding the science behind dry ice and why Michigan dry ice blasting near me is one of the most sought after cleaning methods in the Michigan industrial manufacturing landscape.

What Is Michigan Dry Ice?

Michigan Dry ice believe it or not is not frozen water. Dry ice is a solid CO2, which has a temperature around -109 degrees F. Dry ice is a natural byproduct that forms in several industrial processes, like fermentation and petrochemical refining. It is considered eco-friendly if used correctly. When sublimation occurs, no new CO2 is created because it produces the same amount of CO2 as before.

When this product is in atmospheric pressure, meaning when it is sitting around in a room or a cooler, it warms up and sublimates. Sublimation is a process by which a solid turns into a gas without first becoming a liquid, like water-ice. Michigan Dry Ice has a natural state as a gas and is always attempting to go back to its natural state.

Proper And Safe Dry Ice Handling Protocols

It is highly important to understand that Dry ice is cold and it should never be underestimated exactly how cold it is. In addition, if you make contact with bare hands, it can and will cause freeze burns, such as frostbite or worse. Therefore, even though it is solid, it is still a form of CO2 that produces a dangerous gas if it isn’t in a well-ventilated room. A solid block of CO2 will sublimate into a gaseous state that is colorless, odorless, and can suffocate you. Also, carbon dioxide is 55% heavier than oxygen, so the gases will stay low until they displace the oxygen. But, Michigan dry ice is also non-flammable, so it is an ideal method to cool volatile substances because it isn’t likely to result in a violent chemical reaction.

Different Types of Michigan Dry Ice Available

Dry ice loses between three and eight pounds every hour due to sublimation depending on certain factors in the environment. If you are transporting or using this product, take into account its rate of sublimation. Dry ice comes in a variety of shapes including snow, pellets, nuggets, slabs, and blocks. The more surface area that is exposed, the more sublimation will occur. So, if you need to transport food or others items, you will want something with less surface area like high-density pellets or snow, versus a block or slab. However, if you are using regular dry ice, slabs are better for long-term transportation.

Common Michigan Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Applications

Several companies have found using Michigan dry ice blasting as a cleaning solutions provides amazing results. Michigan dry ice blasting is rapidly becoming the fastest growing cleaning applicant in Michigan manufacturing facilities. Dry ice blast cleaning utilizes compressed air to spray small pellets of dry ice onto the surface that is being cleaned. The cold temperature of the product causes the dirt to shrink in size, making the cleanup process fast and easy. Cleaning with this product is ecologically safe and harmless to humans, animals, and marine life if conducted properly.

Removing Adhesives

Dry ice works wonderfully in removing adhesives off of walls and other industrial materials. The product’s low temperature works best at weakening the adhesive bond. Many recycling companies use dry ice blasting to remove labels off containers during their cleanup process prior to re-filling them again.

Michigan Plastic And Rubber Manufacturing

The best approach to cleaning Michigan dies is using a dry ice blasting method that removes deposits formed on the tool over time. Michigan CO2 blasting can also increase production because it can be used while the die is still hot. Carbon dioxide cleans deeper and more thoroughly than any other cleanser on the market. Dry ice maintains a light touch and the tolerance of each die better than other cleaning methods as well. Making it popular among facility owners searching for Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Near Me

Fire Remediation Michigan

The cleanup process after a major fire can be accelerated by the use of dry ice blasting. Carbon dioxide can remove toxic residue, soot, and other associated debris that come with the aftermath of a fire. This is done by insurance companies working with independent blasting companies rather than individuals.

Michigan General Plant Maintenance

Strength H2O Industrial Solutions provides Michigan industrial cleaning services for all types of plants. Michigan Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive cleaning method to remove dirt, grease, oil, scaling and other contaminants without damaging the surface. In addition, CO2 blasting will not scratch, damage, or etch the substrate. Strength H2O Industrial Solutions cleaning does not use water, chemical solvents, or lubricants, so we can clean electrical equipment or other water-sensitive applications.

Michigan Industrial Printing Equipment Cleaning

Strength H2O Industrial Solution’s dry ice blasting service Michigan increases industrial printing equipment’s overall performance and productivity. This service is necessary when a machine’s gears and deck guides have ink accumulation. If you do not take care of the problem, it can cause poor alignment and start affecting printing results. Our dry ice blasting services Michigan increases your quality and minimize your defect or scrap rate. Our team of highly trained professionals can handle any size Michigan Industrial Printing Equipment Cleaning project.

In Conclusion Michigan Dry Ice Blasting Near Me

Michigan Dry ice is a versatile product that can be used in a wide variety of Michigan commercial and industrial applications. If you have additional questions check out, Michigan dry ice blasting FAQ’s page, or feel free to contact us directly. If you would like to schedule a free no-obligation quote with Strength H2O Industrial Solutions, please contact us today!