Strength H20 completed a hydro-blasting paint removal project for a Private Client in Michigan.


The Client manufacturers large vehicles and had been encountering long cleaning time issues with their paint carts. It would take as long as twelve (12) hours to clean a single cart. As a result, several of the carts had not been cleaned in four (4) years. Waste Solutions utilized 40k psi hydro-blasting to clean the paint carts. Comparatively, this process took as little as forty-five (45) minutes to clean each cart. Once the cart was cleaned, excess water was vacuumed and debris cleaned up. During off loading, the water was filtered to collect paint and debris, which was loaded into drums for disposal.


Strength H20 also cleaned front and rear chassis carts. These carts were also cleaned with 40k psi hydro-blasting. Previously, the process took four (4) hours to complete; Strength was able to fully clean the carts in an average of twelve (1 2) minutes.


Environmentally Friendly - There are no toxic chemicals or contaminants utilized in hydro-blasting. All the work is done by high-pressure air and water eliminating spent media waste. Also, this makes it a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option.


Efficient - Michigan HydroBlasting has the ability to be six times faster than abrasive blasting (sandblasting) equipment. In addition, greatly reduces clean-up since there is no media collect and dispose of. Most importantly, result is a huge reduction of time to complete the same project. 


Reduced Surface Strain - Even though it is really powerful, the combination of water and air pressure does not cause stress to the structural components. Other cleaning methods cause vibrations creating micro-fractures that increase the risk of cracking or deterioration. Michigan Hydroblasting is able to clean equipment while also optimizing operation conditions, improving asset longevity.


Extremely Versatile - Michigan Hydroblasting has the ability to adapt to the requirements of almost any space and be completed in places where normal abrasive blasting cannot. In addition, depending on equipment type the water pressure can be reduced on-site quickly for various applications.


100% Dustless - Without dust pollution, Michigan hydroblasting can be performed in tandem with other contractors on a project without risking contamination. It is also safe for use in explosive environments. Most importantly, dustless blasting could mean less downtime or shorter shutdowns for your facility.

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