Michigan Industrial Duct Cleaning

Industrial Duct Cleaning Michigan

Are you searching for a fast, easy way to clean hard to reach spaces like industrial ductwork and pipes in your plant or facility without shutting down? You can rely on Strength H2O Industrial Solutions. We provide 2 efficient solutions both being chemical free procedures, our Michigan dry ice blasting robots work amazingly well for cleaning Michigan food & beverage production facilities and agricultural processing plants. Our other procedure is completed without utilizing any harsh chemicals or creating extended shutdown time periods. Using both solutions efficiently has earned us the title of best Michigan industrial duct cleaning company


We use modular, state-of-the-art dry ice blasting robots that are operated by a control panel and camera to ensure a thorough cleaning every time. They’re incredibly versatile and expand and contract to perfectly fit a wide range of diameters and shapes. Our robotic dry ice blasting services effectively clean commercial ducts, pipes, ventilation systems and industrial exhausts without harsh chemicals and the hassles of dismantling. We can help you eliminate fire hazards, improve air quality, pass regulatory inspections, reduce operational costs, eliminate pest and insects, and boost your production quality. If you don’t know how to clean ventilation systems thoroughly, give us a call — we’ll get it done right.


  • Utilizes environmentally friendly cleaning solution that doesn’t require dismantling or shut down for cleaning.
  • Easily inspect and clean circular, rectangular or square-shaped tight spaces that are horizontal, vertical, or sloped.
  • Quickly and efficiently clean industrial ductwork, pipes and more without added manpower, harsh chemicals or messy, clean up.
  • Records the before and after of your entire commercial duct cleaning or pipe cleaning process to ensure our work meets your requirements.


Cleaning Michigan industrial air ducts, ventilation systems, pipes and industrial exhausts is difficult and time-consuming work. The older traditional method of cleaning required disassembly, downtime, an extensive cleaning process and reassembly. With advances in technology, a simpler  thorough cleaning process was created which is significantly faster, more efficient and effective using Michigan dry ice blast cleaning. Strength H2O is the Michigan industry leader of this technological expansion and now offers Michigan robotic dry ice cleaning.


At Strength H2O Industrial Solutions, our Michigan dry ice blasting robots clean all varieties of duct work, pipes and ventilation systems. Michigan dry ice blasting robots easily take care of cleaning and maintenance without water, chemicals, and the head aches of disassembly. 

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