Michigan Public Transportation Dry Ice Cleaning

Public Transportation Dry Ice Cleaning Michigan

The amazing versatility and umatched diversity of cleaning with Michigan dry ice allows you to clean a wide variety of things from sensitive electrical components to thick grease and burnt carbon. Strength H2O's dry ice blasting services can clean in-place and eliminates the need for lengthly downtime created by manual cleaning. In addition to being non-conductive, it is an highly effective cleaning method which does not require any solvents or chemicals. Michigan dry ice blasting allows you to clean equipment frequently which reduces risks of failures and service disruptions. This method prevents the interruption of unexpected service of motors, cooling fans, generators, railcars and other supporting equipment in public transportation.

Maintain high equipment efficiency and improve inspection processes

Michigan Dry ice blasting is a safe cleaning method for all types of sensitive electrical components. Most importantly,  It does not cause damage to the equipment due to dry ice’s non-abrasive properties. Dry ice blasting is possible when equipment is operational reducing production downtime. Strength H2O's dry ice blasting services does not require additional chemicals and does not create secondary waste.

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